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Technical Courses


NAUI Technical Courses

NAUI was the first training agency to certify all levels of diving ranging from traditional recreational training through all levels of technical training. Technical diving is a potentially dangerous activity that requires very special training, equipment and support. NAUI Technical Instructors are trained to not only qualify you for your dive objective, but also to give you a healthy respect for the technical diving environment.

Programs we offer through the NAUI Tec Program:


Diving Science and Technology Technical Courses (DSAT)

DSAT TecRec courses provide the techniques and procedures necessary for diving beyond recreational dive limits. These are some of the most intensive, yet exhilarating, courses you'll find.

Technical diving isn't for everyone but if this type of diving appeals to you and you're willing to accept the risks, responsibilities and obligations, you'll find it one of the most rewarding dive experiences you'll ever have.

Programs we offer through the DSAT Tec Program: