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NAUI Tec Instructor Workshop

The progression to become a NAUI Technical Instructor is multifaceted. Candidates may achieve individual levels in order to gain the necessary experience to progress on to the next. The Prerequisites are based on each individual's previous training and certification, but the following are some guidelines:

For NAUI Tec Instructor and crossover (other agencies):
NAUI Instructor – Required for all levels

For NAUI Intro-To-Tech Instructor:

For NAUI Technical Diver Instructor:

For NAUI Tri Mix Instructor & crossover:

As with many things, this is not one size fits all. Each prerequisite has various degrees of completion and all are subject to the Workshop Director approval. For any questions please contact us.

Workshop consists of:

*Equipment Requirement - The NAUI NTEC Gear Configuration is a REQUIREMENT with no deviation.


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