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Helitrox Diver

This unique course trains divers to helium-based gas mixes to make no-decompression dives as deep as 40 m/130 ft — without the level of narcosis encountered if making the same dives on air or Nitrox. These dive can be made using what is largely standard recreational scuba equipment and do not require much of the highly specialized equipment associated with other forms of technical diving.

Normoxic Trimix is a form of Trimix (nitrogen + helium + oxygen) in which the concentration of oxygen (21 percent) is the same as in normal air.
Helitrox is a form of Trimix in which — like Nitrox — the concentration of oxygen is greater than it is in normal air
This course may also be taken in conjunction with the NAUI Technical Diver course.

Number of dives: 4



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