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Technical Diver

The NAUI Technical Diver Program is designed to introduce experienced advanced divers to the techniques and methods employed in diving beyond the traditional recreational limits. This course a combination of Technical EANX, Helitrox and DECO Techniques. This combination allows for a logical progession avoiding any overlap and maximizing time.

It provides training in decompression techniques, the use of technical-enriched air nitrox and oxygen decompression gases, and the fundamentals of using oxygen-enriched helium-based mix gas (helitrox).

Candidates entering the program must already have mastered essential recreational diving skills, such as exact buoyancy control, dive planning protocols, teamwork and emergency management – the Intro to Tech Program.

Students enrolled in the NAUI Technical Diver Program will have the opportunity to cultivate these skills and many new ones while using more sophisticated designed for pursuing technical level diving.

Classroom work emphasizes decompression theory and management, diving physics and physiology, oxygen exposure management, equipment, dive planning and emergency procedures. Practical sessions include a minimum of 12 dives using nitrox or helitrox bottom gas and EAN50 or oxygen decompression gases from 70 and 20 fsw respectively. The training depths for these dives are 90 to 150 fsw.

This course prepares divers to use modern decompression theory and techniques to exceed the Recreational limits of scuba diving. Topics include:

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